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Our company "Design Art Center Co., Ltd." has entered a new era with 58 years since its establishment in 1962, and has begun to move forward under a new management system toward a new stage aiming for a further leap forward.

Many customers have the same support for the lightness of footwork and reliable technical capabilities that can handle all workflows from planning to production and construction in-house and at our own factories.

From there, to provide a more thorough idea and a higher level of satisfaction.

And in order to always respond to diversifying needs in an evolving era with a fresh and accurate approach.

  The new Design Art Center will continue to actively promote the expansion of communication areas that are not bound by the conventional framework, such as collaboration with external brains and creators, and collaboration with different industries. increase.

Fusion of "creative power" and "product power" and manifestation of synergistic effects.

I am convinced that it is a corporate style that can be realized only by the Design Art Center Group, where the manufacturing environment is set up on the same site and manufacturing professionals gather.

As a company that constantly incorporates fresh ideas and creativity into a fulfilling creative environment, pursues infinite possibilities, and strives to contribute to society and take on further challenges for the future, we will continue to respond to your patronage.


Hirohiko Ideguchi

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