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Design art studio

Design art studio

Design art studio

Separated from the Design Art Center

It is a production company whose main focus is on craftsmanship.

Exhibitions, TV program sets, stores, etc.

To meet the diverse needs of our customers

We are fully equipped with a woodworking shop and a painting shop, which is one of the largest in Tokyo.

Also, when creating a factory or setting up a site, it is always tidy and safe.

We are working hard every day to respond promptly.

Woodworking work

The main workshops are Studio 2F / 3F and Center Headquarters 2F.

We have all the equipment needed for woodworking to maintain a high level of construction.


Painting business

Studio 1F is the main workshop for painting work .

It is an important business that is responsible for the finish of the structure, and handles various paints.

It is equipped with a large-scale ventilation system and is also responsible for safety management.

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