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Application Requirements

Design Art Center

Group hiring occupation

New graduate

Some designers

Some electricians

Construction management some people

Some woodworkers

Some sales positions


Mid-career (permanent or contract employee)

Some designers

Some sales positions

Construction management some people

Some woodworkers

Some electricians

Some drivers

Qualification requirements

New graduate

Designer and construction management

Faculty / Department of Architecture or Design

Sales and woodworking positions

It doesn't matter what the faculty / department is, but it is a plus for architecture or design faculties / departments.

Electrical worker

For electrical faculties and departments

Mid-career (permanent or contract employee)

Depending on the above faculty / department graduation or career

Starting salary

New graduate

University graduate: 250,000 yen (scheduled for April 2021)

Junior college / professional graduate: 235,000 yen (scheduled for April 2021)

20 hours of overtime allowance for the above starting salary

(Fixed up to 20 hours, overtime allowance will be provided separately for over 20 hours)

Housing allowance 30,000 yen

Includes (1st year 30,000 yen, 2nd year 20,000 yen, 3rd year 10,000 yen, paid until the 3rd year)

Mid-career (permanent or contract employee)

220,000 yen to 550,000 yen (as of April 2020)

Salary increase / bonus 

Salary increase once a year (based on previous year's results)

Bonus twice a year (depending on actual performance)

Working hours

8:30 am to 5:30 pm

  holiday vacation

Sundays, public holidays, Saturdays of non-holiday weeks, New Year holidays

Other systems

There are various insurance and retirement allowance systems

Qualification allowance payment based on company-designated qualification income (monthly)

There is a qualification acquisition support system (company designated qualification)

Endowment insurance 20-year defined pension (10 years or more of service)

Performance salary (paid based on company sales and profits by occupation)

There is a recreation center




Design Art Center Co.,Ltd.

〒136-0082 東京都江東区新木場1-15-10

tel 03-3522-1110 fax 03-3521-4145


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