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1975 / S.50 Shinkiba factory completed


2020 / R.2 as of

1962 / S.37

Established Design Art Center Co., Ltd. (4-1 Ginza Higashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

Capital 1 million yen


1963 / S.38

Moved the head office to 5-3 Ginza Higashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Increased capital to 4 million yen


1964 / S.39

Established a production studio (Oshima-cho, Koto-ku, Tokyo)


1965 / S.40

Design department set up


1966 / S.41

Increased capital to 8 million yen

Established a planning department Handles event planning for department stores

Established a laboratory in the design department Started research and development of materials


1967 / S.42

Established a production studio as Design Art Studio Co., Ltd.

Established materials department

Joined Tokyo Display Cooperative


1968 / S.43

Increased capital to 12 million yen


1969 / S.44

Increased capital to 18 million yen

Completion of Furuishiba building (Furuishiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo)


1971 / S.46

Increased capital to 27 million yen

Furuishiba factory completed

Establishment of painting department and metal department


1972 / S.47

10th anniversary of founding

Gangbuk factory completed

Phototypesetting department established


1974 / S.49

Acquired Funabashi Factory and Urayasu Warehouse


1975 / S.50

Completion of Shinkiba Factory (Shinkiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo)

Woodworking painting department established

A consistent work system in woodworking from sawing to drying and finishing


1977 / S.52

Increased capital to 48.6 million yen

Acquired Utsunomiya Sales Office / Factory (Kanuma City, Tochigi Prefecture)


1978 / S.53

Established Osaka Sales Office (Esaka, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture)


1982 / S.57

20th anniversary of founding

Acquired employee recreation facility (Tateshina, Nagano Prefecture)


1984 / S.59

Acquired employee recreation facility (Shirahama, Chiba Prefecture)


1985 / S.60

Moved Sales and Design Department to Ginza Office


1987 / S.62

25th anniversary of founding

Acquired Osaka Sales Office / Factory (Minamitsumori, Nishinari-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture)


1988 / S.63

Increased capital to 97.2 million yen

Completion of Shinkiba building (Shinkiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo)


1990 / H.02

Established Shinkiba Logistics Co., Ltd., an affiliated company


1992 / H.04

30th anniversary of founding

2002 / H.14

40th anniversary of founding


2004 / H.16

Established an affiliated company, Three Nine Co., Ltd.


2006 / H.18

Renewed logo mark

Established Shanghai Sales Office and Factory in Shanghai, China (Songjiang District, Shanghai, China)


2012 / H.24

50th anniversary of founding


2018 / H.30

Established affiliated company Kanna Co., Ltd.

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